Do you know something about Udaykiran’s movie that confused Venkatesh and Chiranjeevi..!

Two decades ago in Tollywood, young hero Uday Kiran made a splash with consecutive hits. Uday Kiran’s craze grew exponentially after the film, Nu Nenu and Manasantha Nuve became super hits. At that time, Uday became the prince of girls’ dreams as Uday Kiran got a crazy following among girls. Even the star heroes were confused after seeing Uday Kiran. As soon as Uday Kiran got lakhs of fans, he disappeared.

He finally left until he could not fight the strange drama fate had played with his life and committed suicide. After the film, Nu Nenu, Manasantha Nuvve became a super hit, even the original Uday Kiran Call seats were not available. All the top producers of Tollywood came after him to make a film with Uday. “Manasantha Nuvvelo” is his third film after the super hit films of Uday Kiran, Nuhu Nenu.

At that time star heroes Chiranjeevi and Venkatesh were struggling with a series of flops. Chiranjeevi got films like Mrigaraju, Manjunatha and Dadi. Venkatesh is also in flop movies like “Devi Putrudu” and “Premato Ra”. Uday’s “Manasantha Nuvve” was planned to be released in the second week of September 2001 by the producer MS. the king However, “Nuvvu Nakku Nachchaav” will be released on September 6, and the producers of the film, “Manasanta Nuvve”, have decided to hold it two weeks back. He asked the king himself.


Raju said that he will release his film on September 20 or 27 without saying no. But Chiranjeevi’s “Daddy” movie is releasing on October 4.. Uday Kiran’s movie “Daddy” is going to be a hit if it is a hit. The king said okay. Allu Aravind is the producer of Dadi movie. There is no way that the king will not take his word.

Finally, Manasanta Nuvve became a super hit and grossed more than both the films Nu Nakhu Nachhaav and Dadi. At that time, even Tollywood star heroes were confused by Uday Kiran’s craze.

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