Do you know Shahrukh’s remuneration in Pathan?

Shah Rukh Khan Badshah of Bollywood… Shahrukh Khan’s craze is different. He has fans all over the world. Shah Rukh Khan is one of the highest paid actors in the Bollywood industry. His latest movie ‘Pathan’ is going to hit the screens on January 25. After greeting the audience with the movie Zero in 2018, Shah Rukh took a gap of five years. The audience is deeply disappointed. As Shah Rukh’s film is coming after a gap of many years, the audience has high expectations for the movie ‘Pathan’. On this occasion, there is currently a discussion going on in Beetown about Shahrukh’s remuneration in this film.

Pathan film was made with a huge budget. The film was shot at a cost of around Rs.250 crores. There is a rumor that Shah Rukh has demanded Rs. 100 crores as remuneration for this film. It is being heard from the related circles that John Abraham, who is playing the villain in the movie, has taken Rs.20 crores and Deepika Padukone has taken Rs.15 crores. But there is no official information on this.

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