Divorce rumors will be reported to cybercrime

Senior hero Srikanth reacted strongly to the rumors that he is going to divorce his wife Uha. He denied the news coming on some websites and YouTube channels. He issued a statement to this effect on Tuesday. “Due to financial difficulties, they started spreading bad news saying that I and Uhu are getting divorced. My wife’s imagination got worried after seeing this fake news on websites and YouTube channels. Confused and showed me those posts. I consoled her not to believe such news.

I am getting calls from my relatives because of this fake news. Explaining to them seems like a nuisance. Now I and Uha have come to Chennai. From here we are going to Arunachalam for divine darshan. It hurts us so much to spread false news at a time like this. I will file a complaint with the cybercrime police against the websites and YouTube channels that are spreading fake news about me. I request the police to take strict action against them’ said Srikanth.

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