Disgusting to see..Disco Shanti’s bold statement on Nayanthara’s clothes went viral..!!

We know what kind of clothes heroines are wearing in the film industry lately. Netizens are also making comments saying that they are making themselves vulgar and poor as if they have clothes on their shit or not. Especially the heroines who are coming in the recent times, but there is nothing to say about the real beauties. However, the comments made by Disco Shanti saying that the heroines are wearing the worst dresses these days have now become viral on social media.

In a recent interview given to a YouTube channel, she also revealed about her personal matters. However, Disco Santi’s comments on the dressing of heroines in today’s film industry have now become viral on social media. In an interview, Disco Shanti said that the bold comments made on the heroines’ clothing are now shaking the social media.

She said..” It is a glamorous world where heroines need to look glamorous. But what matters is what kind of dresses the heroines have selected. We need to understand what kind of dresses match our body. If you think that you can look glamorous just by wearing glamorous dresses, then it is wrong.. Any heroine should wear enough clothes for her body. You see, Nayanthara looks beautiful in a saree.. She is beautiful when she exposes herself.. There are some heroines who don’t expose but wear clothes that stick to their shit and look like Chandalan.. How hot Nayantara looked next to Ajith in the movie Billa. She looks very attractive in a two piece bikini too. Heroines should look for such clothes. Nayanthara chooses clothes that suit her body correctly. That’s why she earned a name as a super star crazy heroine” said Nayanthara at Disco Shanti in a range. Presently this comment has gone viral on social media.

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