Director: ‘That heroine’s waist’ means the top director who is falling down and dying.

Director: Everyone says that the film industry is a magical world. Who knows what will happen in this industry. Also no one can say where and when who will be honest. In this magical world, producer, director, hero and heroines are very necessary. Also the producer needs all of them. Here everything is done in the same way that you give me anything and what do you want. And if the producer invests 5 crores for his first film, he invests up to 10 crores for his next film. After that, he keeps increasing the project. It has to be said that cinema is at the top of the list of phenomenal business boosters.

But the role of the heroine is especially important in this. And especially in the case of commercial movies, the beauty of the heroine on screen is fixed as a strong formula. But this affair has been around since the time of black and white. Soon it turned into a commercial. But it must be said that director K Raghavendra Rao is the focal point. After him Ramgopal Varma, Puri Jagannath and Krishnavanshi are following this formula. K. Even then, Raghavendra Rao used to make movies showing the beauty of the navel and waist of the heroines. Putting fruits on the navel of the heroines is a trend brought by him.

Top director who is falling down that heroine waist

But now Krishnavamshi is one of the directors who are showing such beauty. He said on the same subject that every director has some calculations in showing the heroines as glamour, some show the belly, and some want to show something new. He said that it is a secret that the glamor of the heroines showing their belly gives new fun to the audience. No matter who does whatever, the film is for success, but in some cases, the audience complains that it flops without being judged. In other words, some of the movies made by Krishnavamsi are accurate but they also turn out to be disasters.

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