Dilraju Dil Raju and Tejaswini’s love marriage.. A movie can be made with their love story..!

Dilraju Love Story | Dil Raju is one of the top producers of Tollywood. Dil Raju, who started his career as a distributor, rose step by step and went to the level of producing Pan India films. In the industry, it is said that Dil Raju does not waver in judgment. Lately he has become a bit dull, but in the last three years he was in super form with back to back hits. Currently, Dil Raju is producing more than half a dozen films. And recently the successor produced by him was released and got mixed talk. But in the collections, it shows its emphasis. Along with this, Ramcharan-Shankar combo is making RC15.

Meanwhile, recently Dil Raju and his wife participated in an interview. He shared his love story in that interview. He said that after the death of his first wife Anita, he suffered for two years and was 47 years old at that time. After that he revealed that he wanted to be an understanding man for a few days and that’s when he met Tejaswini. He said that he took her phone number and tried to understand her for a year. After that he proposed and got married and told his love story.

Also Tejaswini also told about her acquaintance with Dil Raju. Dil Raju used to travel regularly when he was working in airlines, she said. She said that Dil asked for a pen when they met her for the first time, and after that they used to see her on the plane every time she was on shift. But this couple said that they met by chance. Both of them have a son.

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