Dil Raju | Negative campaign on ‘The Family Star’..! Producer Dil Raju made key comments..!

Dil Raju | Vijay Devarakonda and Mrinal Thakur’s movie ‘The Family Star’. This movie is produced by famous producer Dil Raju. Released on 5th of this month. However, producer Dil Raju expressed his displeasure over the reviews of the film. They complained that the reaction of the audience who watched the movie was the same. Negative publicity about the film is not good for the film industry.

The producer has to accept the fact that a film is not well received by the audience. Parents, grandparents and grandmothers who have seen the movie say that it is good and the movie has reached the family audience. He said that the family audience is coming to the theaters and enjoying ‘Family Star’. There is only one thing he wants to say. He told four people that they have made a good movie.. that they should come to the theaters and watch it.. if they like it.

Some of those who have seen the movie are sending him messages.. some are calling him. Others said that they talked together. The film is good.. Why is there negative publicity? He said that they are questioning him. Everyone appealed to the audience to go to the theaters and enjoy the movie. Meanwhile, at a movie theater in the city, he collected feedback from the audience who watched the movie. Many told Dil Raju that the movie was good. Wrong on negative talk.

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