Dil Raju | Dil Raju warns if you write false news about me

Dil Raju | Famous producer Dil Raju has expressed his anger on websites that write false news. He warned those websites that every Sankranti they criticize him in some way and if they write false news about him from now on they will be punished.

Dil Raju was furious that some prominent websites had misrepresented Chiranjeevi’s words at Hanuman’s pre-release event. ” They throw stones at us by staying on the sidelines in the industry. Movies are released for every Sankranti. But during Sankranthi itself, they are criticizing me severely. It has been running for seven or eight years. Chiranjeevi said.. Dil Raju knows what to do at any time. But some websites have distorted what Chiranjeevi said. Why are you writing something about me and using other people to increase the importance of your websites. Do you need this?” asked Dil Raju.

I will not rest from today..

” Dil Raju will not react. Want to go soft? Take the palm. I have been patient since many days to be soft. There is no way to relax from today. You are taking advantage of some of the controversies in business and using them for some websites and some YouTube channels. That’s wrong” he said furiously.


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