Did you see the big suspense in Naresh – Pavitra’s wedding?

Senior actor Naresh and senior character artist Pavitra Lokesh, who have been in the news for the last three years, finally tied the knot. The closest relatives… were married according to Hindu tradition in the presence of their family members. Naresh – Three thorns were put in the neck of the saint.. Together they took seven steps. It is known that they have released a video through lip kiss that they are going to get married soon as a gift for the new year.

Finally now they are united in marriage. But where is this wedding? What happened was not revealed in the video. Naresh released the wedding video. How happy are the husband and wife in the first marriage? Naresh – Pavitra appeared at this wedding with even more enthusiasm. There is already a big controversy going on about Naresh’s marriage.

Naresh’s third wife, Ramya Raghupathi, has repeatedly given interviews that she will not divorce her husband… she will stay with her husband. How can Pavitra be sanctified without divorcing Ramya in this order? Questions about whether he will get married are also being raised now. Naresh and Ramya have already been fighting for the last one and a half years.

Their cases went to the police station. How dare Naresh at such a time? The fact that Pavitri Lokeshan got married is still a matter of suspense. And it became interesting to see how Ramya will react to this wedding video. But another twist is that this wedding video of Ms. They say that it was shot as part of the promotion of a movie being produced by Raju.. It is not a real wedding. And this suspense is not going to open until the full truth comes out.


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