Did you make a mistake by leaving your husband? Samantha’s comments went viral..!!

It is known that Samantha Yashoda’s movie which was grandly released in the theaters a little while ago is getting a lot of positive talk. Samantha Yashoda was given huge hype with a range of positive reviews on Instagram and Twitter. And especially without a hero, Karta-Karma-Kriya played all the actions single-handedly and scored a blockbuster hit.. Sam’s fans are saying great. Moreover, Samantha’s promotion of the film even in a position where she could not stand has become a plus point for the film.

On the occasion of the film’s success, Samantha’s fans are praising her in a range. Samantha’s comments in this sequence have become viral on social media. Samantha felt very emotional during the shooting time of this movie. Samantha got divorced while shooting this movie. In this order, Samantha’s shooting has been postponed for some years. After that, Samantha finally attended the shooting of Yashoda’s movie so that the producers would not lose money due to the huge increase in the budget.

Two weeks after the divorce, Samantha Yashoda shed tears on the shooting spot of the film. Most importantly, during the surrogacy process, she felt sad that she could not see the pictures in the mirror in her pregnancy dress. Samantha actually wanted to have children. But unexpectedly they divorced. At that time, a matter from the sets made a fuss that she was really upset that I had made a mistake by divorcing my husband.

Fans are saying that did Samantha really make a mistake by leaving her husband? If she was really with her husband, would she be able to effectively deal with myositis? Anyway, some people say that what Samantha did was wrong, while others say that there is no need to live with someone who kills their heart. And do you think that Samantha really made a mistake by leaving her husband? Do you still think that if Samantha meets Naga Chaitanya, her life will improve..?

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