Did senior NTR fall in love with that heroine before Krishnakumari?

Natarathna Sr. NTR is an idol for Telugu movie lovers. In the history of 70 years of Telugu cinema, the legacy of the Nandamuri dynasty is still continuing strong, it must be said that NTR planted the seed for it. NTR has a lot of respect for his fellow actors. Along with the heroines who act in his films, the directors who work for the film.. God who invests in the film. He respected the producer and other actors very much. He acted in many films with many heroines in his career.

But there were no big rumors about him regarding any heroine. In the case of the two heroines, the stories that he had an affair were well heard in Madras. One of them is Krishna Kumari. It is known that NTR loved Krishnakumari and even wanted to marry her. On the day of their wedding, NTR’s brother Nandamuri Trivikrama Rao went directly to Krishnakumari’s house and took out a pistol and shot you dead. He warned me that I too would die. Cine celebrities used to say that.

When Trivikrama Rao directly threatened to kill her, Krishna Kumari immediately packed her bed and moved to Bangalore. It is said that NTR liked Krishnakumari very much. He also took the permission of his wife Basavatarakam to marry her. But before Krishnakumari, there were rumors that NTR was in an alliance with another heroine Devi and liked her. That heroine is not Devika of yesteryear. What will it be like if NTR becomes a star and acts with Sridevi? There used to be a craze.. In 1961 there was also a craze for the NTR Devika combination.

Devika happens to be a close relative of Raghupathi Venkataratnam Naidu, the founder of Telugu cinema. At that time, many movies released in Devika – NTR combination became super duper hits. The strange thing is that ANR used to block most of the heroines’ dates before acting with NTR. So Savitri blocked all her dates for three to four years without acting next to NTR. It is said that NTR promoted Devika and Krishnakumari well as he had no heroines.

That’s why many movies came out in NTR-Devika combination. Devika also liked NTR very much. But after earning well Devika fell in love with an assistant director named Devadasu who was younger than her and believed his words and gave her all. As a result, Telugu film directors stopped paying attention to her. But Devika had one daughter named Kanaka. She too could not be as successful as she was in the movies.

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