Did Savitri get angry with Jamuna’s work?

Jamuna is a top class actress and leader who passed away recently. She also worked as Rajahmundry MP. However.. in the field of cinema, Savitri had an inextricable relationship with Jamun. Both acted in prestigious movies like Missamma, Moogamanasulu.. Due to this, the relation of elder sister also increased between them. Both were neighbors in T Nagar, Chennai.

A great later event was the purchase of the houses in which they lived. There are movies in Tamil too where the two stars acted together. For a long time.. Jamuna Savitri’s bond continued. However.. in the later period, disputes between them continued. The reason for this.. What is the matter with Jamuna.. They used to say bluntly. Not hiding anything. There is no difference between him and us.

That’s why it was said that she has a lot of smoke. In the end, she openly told me that I don’t like the way you are behaving with me. Because of this, ANNAR got upset over Jamuna. ANNR and NTR were also told and they banned her from their films for two years. However, Jamuna did not back down.

These blunt views like his own have widened the gap between Savitri and Jamuna. At one stage, there was a rumor in the industry that Savitri used to come to shootings drunk. It didn’t go away. He used to say it in Jamuna’s ear. What made your sister look like this? They used to say. Jamuna could not stay because of this.. Savitri was asked and she got fired up.

When Savitri said that this is her personal matter… I am saying your good wishes… Jamuna said that this led to an argument between both of them and later they drifted apart. Finally, Jamuna did not tell Savitri even when he came to Hyderabad. At that time, Savitri was in a very bad condition.

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