Did Mangli sacrifice himself for that post? Is there anything worse than this..!!

Needless to say, what kind of name Singer Mangli has in the Telugu film industry. After that, Mangli, who gained fame as a folk singer, sang classy mass beats in movies in his own style and shook the boys. Not only movie songs but many private albums.. She sings songs to promote political leaders. She became closer to the people by singing devotional songs.

It is known that all the songs sung by Mangli so far have taken social media by storm. After all, Srimukhi has created a record in the industry for the crazy remuneration beyond the star singers. Recently, singer Mangli has got a rare honor which no singer has got. Singer Mangli got a key post in Andhra Pradesh. Singer Mangli has been appointed as the adviser of SVBC channel of TTD. Actually the process for this post is completed sometime. TTD issued orders in the month of March itself. Four days ago, Mangli took charge as SVBC channel advisor.

She will continue in this position for two years. Moreover, for this, it is known that she will take a salary of one lakh rupees per month. This is really a rare honor for Mangli. But a news has become crazy that Mangli has made many sacrifices to get this position.. She has given up her favorite folk songs. Some people are saying that singer Mangli has sold her voice..Mangli will not be given a chance to sing folk songs. In any case, people are angry saying how did Mangli, who has all the intelligence, fell under their spell. Anyway, it would have been good if Mangli had thought about this decision and wanted her to continue with the folk songs that made her career reach this level. Let’s see what Mangli is doing..?

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