Did Krishna have a gap with NTR, who is a big fan and idol, because of that?!

Both Natarathna NTR and Natasekhara Krishna continued to belong to two different poles in terms of acting, politics and personality. There was a cold war between the two in the film industry as well. They acted together in some movies. Also, sometimes the films of both of them were released in competition. However, their thoughts were like North and South. Politically also, if NTR founded Telugu Desam, Krishna sided with Congress.

But the tricky thing is that Krishna was a big fan of NTR during his school days. At a young age, Krishna watched the movie Patala Bhairavi starring NTR in Tenali Ratna Talkies. Since that day, NTR has grown in love. Even after that, Krishna’s interest in movies increased and even after watching the movies of other heroes, he liked NTR very much. If NTR’s films are being released, Krishna has to watch them.

And when Krishna went to Madras with the desire to become an actor, he first met NTR. At that time, NTR was making Sitarama Kalyanam. Then Chakrapani Krishna, one of the heads of Vijaya Sanstha, was taken to NTR and introduced. At that time Krishna was only 19 years old. But NTR did not agree to Krishna’s films. After acting in plays for two years, he was advised to enter films.

After entering the movies, Krishna acted in many movies with his favorite actor NTR. It has become a habit to call NTR as Krishna’s brother as NTR acted as an elder brother and Krishna’s younger brother in many movies. NTR himself recommended Krishna for the role of his younger brother in the movie ‘Vertical Robbery’. After that, there was a competition between the two in terms of movies and Coldwar started.

NTR wanted to make Alluri Sitaramaraju’s film. Due to some reasons it got late. But Krishna announced this movie in this. But NTR who invited Krishna and Vijayanirmal said I will not do this film.. You should not do it either. There is a reason for NTR to say this. The character of Sitaramaraj, the audience will not see if he pretends to be what he is in real life. NTR felt that it was not a proper honor for that great man.

However, NTR’s anger was caused by Krishna making this film, which put NTR’s word aside. If cut, this movie became a super hit. After that, this cold war continued for years as both sides diverged politically.

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