Did Gopichand really kiss that heroine? Raw truths told by the director..!!

S present this same photo is trending in Yama range on social media. Hero Gopichand .Heroine Anushka Shetty seen in this photo.. Are you shocked that they are kissing ..? This is the still given as part of Kadandoy movie. But some waste fellows are circulating a news saying that they have really kissed and they have already fallen in love.

Anushka Shetty, who entered the industry as a heroine with the movie Super, then excelled as a heroine in the film industry. Anushka Shetty, who has committed to a series of films in this sequence, then signed Bada Bada films with Gopichand. The goal is the same. In 2007, the movie Mishimaan directed by Srivas became a super duper hit. It gave good success to Anushka and Gopichand in their careers.

This movie turned their lives around. Anushka and Gopichand have to kiss in a scene in this movie. There were reports that the couple who gave such a still to the camera really kissed and they both fell in love at that time. Do you need a bigger proof that Gopi-Anushka are really in love? The comments were also heard.

In this order, the news that Prabhas is not marrying Anushka is also trending. But it is known that Srinivas has already given clarity on this photo. They said that it was just a still for the movie, they were good friends. But why some miscreants are trolling this photo again and blaming Anushka Shetty..!!

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