Devil Movie | Kalyan Ram Devil Movie First Single Promo Release..!

Devil Movie | Leaving the result aside, Kalyan Ram always gives a big platform to experiments. He is always eager to show new kind of stories to the audience. By doing so, the promotion ‘Bimbisara’ was an undisputed success for Kalyan Ram. With the success of this movie, Josh came to the audience with ‘Amigos’ in the first half of this year. Due to the rush before the release, there was a lot of buzz about the movie. But after the release of Tira, it got divided talk and could not even recover the poster costs. However, Kalyan Ram’s performance in this movie was well appreciated. Now Kalyan Ram is ready to come before the audience with the movie Devil.

The posters and glimpses that have already been released have raised expectations on the film at heroic levels. Recently the makers have announced the musical update. The first single promo of this movie Maye Chalave first single was released. Harshavardhan Rameshwar has sung this song and Sid Sriram has sung it. The makers have revealed that the full lyrical video of this song will be released on September 19. The already released teaser has created good curiosity among the people. It is known that the movie opens with the concept of why Kalyan Ram worked for the British against the sentiments of the people of the country. In terms of looks, Kalyan Ram is also very good in this movie. Abhishek Nama is producing this movie under the banner of Abhishek Pictures.

This movie is directed by Naveen Medaram. But surprisingly, his name does not appear in the recently released posters. Abhishek Nama made his name as the director of this movie. There is a lot of discussion going on on Twitter.

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