Devi Nagavalli : Do you know how much TV9 Devi Nagavalli earns per month?

Devi Nagavalli : Once upon a time, news readers were not the ones who cared much. It was as if the audience was busy listening to the news they were telling. At that time news readers were not much discussed. But now news readers are celebrities. Many news readers appearing in popular channels are now gaining popularity in other programs on social media and earning extra income. It is known that Devi Nagavalli, who has been working as a news reader in TV9 for a long time, also got the opportunity of Bigg Boss.

Everyone thought that she would have a long tenure in Bigg Boss. But the analysts keep expressing the opinion that she has come out of Bigg Boss in a very short time. Soon after exiting Bigg Boss, she joined TV9 again. It is conducting its programs as usual. Everyone thought that after Bigg Boss she will stay away from TV9 and do special programs, but then and now she is always on TV9. She has reportedly received huge offers from other channels, but she has no intention of leaving TV9. Devi Nagavalli, who has been going on for a long time, is given a monthly salary of two lakhs by TV9. She reportedly earns another Rs 50,000 per month through special events and other social media activities.

TV9 devi nagavalli monthly income salary and life style

Her income is said to be two and a half lakhs per month. Since Devi Nagavalli is a celebrity, she has to continue that celebrity status, which means the monthly expenses are a bit higher. She is a bit high maintenance. She leads a lonely life.. Her close friends say that she is very strong despite him. There is no doubt that Devi Nagavalli is a role model for many people, who talks deeply about everything and creates awareness in all matters. Many people should take her life as an example saying that no matter how many ups and downs there are in life, you have to face them and move forward.

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