Defamation of ex-wife .. Johnny Depp wins case

Virginia: Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has won a legal victory in a defamation case. A Virginia court has ruled in Johnny Depp’s favor in a defamation suit filed by his ex – wife, Amber Heard. However, the judge ruled in favor of both parties in the case. The court ordered Herd to pay $ 15 million to Depp. The court also ordered Herd to pay $ 2 million to Herd. Johnny is aware of the fact that Herd filed a lawsuit against the perpetrators of domestic violence.

In an interview with the Washington Post in 2018, Herd accused his ex-husband, Depp, of domestic violence. Depp has filed a $ 50 million defamation suit against Herd with the intent to defame him. Herd, however, filed a $ 100 million defamation suit against Depp. The case has been pending since April 11 this year. A seven-member tribunal handed down its verdict in the case on Wednesday.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who starred in Pirates of the Caribbean, have been dating since 2011. The two were married in February 2105. Within 15 months, Night Herd had filed for divorce. Heard accused Depp of sexually harassing her. This led to the filing of several cases of manslaughter against one another. They allege in their petitions that you were responsible for the destruction of your career. Johnny Depp had to escape from the movie Fantastic Beasts because of this case. Herd also had to step down from the Aquaman film.


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