Dasara Trailer Released : Manavi is a living creature beyond Puranas.. Nani is going to give darshan as Moolavirat..

Dasara Trailer Released : Natural star Nani’s new movie ‘Dasara’. With this movie, Nani is going to be seen in complete mass Moolavirat form. The movie is set in the Singareni Coal Mines during the 90’s. Srikanth Odela, who worked with Tollywood creative director Sukumar, is directing this film. Keerthy Suresh plays the heroine. The teaser and songs from this movie have already been released.. they have created a good buzz about the movie in the audience. The makers recently released the trailer of this movie.

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The makers, who did not show Keerthy Suresh anywhere in the teaser, started the trailer with Keerthy Suresh. As shown in the teaser, Nani was shown in full action mode in the trailer as well. I have a habit of drinking a lot. It is in this sequence that Nani makes a big mistake in a suitable stupor, due to which the story takes a turn. Also, if you watch the trailer, you will understand that this movie is going to be a political drama.

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The director filled the whole trailer with power packed action scenes. Samudrakhani’s dialogue in the trailer is especially impressive. ‘We are beings beyond the Puranas. The dialogue ‘A dog with ten heads is killed by a dog with one head’ is powerful. Also, if you look at the last frame of the trailer, you can understand that there is a good love story in this movie. It is known that there is love between the hero and the heroine since childhood. While the technical values ​​are very good. Every frame is meant to give the audience a new experience.

Sudhakar Cherukuri is producing this movie under the scheme of Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Cinemas. Santhosh Narayanan, who is going to compose music for Project K, is the music director of this movie. Kannada actor Dixit Shetty will be seen in the lead role as Nani’s friend. Malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko, Samudrakhani and Sai Kumar are playing the lead roles. The movie will release worldwide on March 30. Nani is entering the pan India market with this movie.

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