Dasara : That scene scared me a lot.. I was in trouble for two months.. Nani!

Dasara : Natural star Nani and Keerthy Suresh’s latest film is ‘Dasara’. With this film, Nani is stepping into the pan India market for the first time. The film is set in the Singareni coal mines during the 90’s. Srikanth Odela, who worked with director Sukumar, is directing this film. Coming with a complete raw and rustic story, Nani is going to be seen in a rough look. Recently, the trailer of this movie was also brought before the audience.

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Watching the trailer makes it clear that we are going to see Nani in this movie like never seen before. Nani worked very hard for this movie. As the release of the film neared, Nani started promotions. Speaking in a recent interview, he said how much a scene in the movie hurt him. In that scene, Nani is also in the dumper truck that is not taking coal. After going to a place, the truck dumps coal.. Nani falls down and gets coal on himself.

Synthetic coal was prepared for that scene. A little dust was also filled in the truck along with synthetic coal. He should not breathe air until the coal falls on him and the scene is complete and the set boys come and throw him out of the coal. If the wind blows, the dust will go inside. Anyway, that scene was completed. But Nani revealed that the scene haunted him for two months. He said that he repeatedly remembered falling down, coal falling on him and pulling him up.


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