Dasara Movie | The Dussehra movie that has been censored.. The runtime seems to be plus..!

Dasara Movie Censor | Nani is one of the heroes who has a huge craze among the youth as well as the family audience. When a movie comes from him, family audiences go to the theaters without a second thought. But till now we have seen Nani in boy-next-door roles. But for the first time with Dussehra we are going to see it in a full scale mass character. The posters, teasers and trailers that have been released so far have created huge expectations about the film. The feeling of seeing Nani in such a role is new. Nani’s fans as well as the audience are eagerly waiting to see the movie.

This movie, directed by Srikanth Odela, is going to be released on March 30 at the Pan India level. Recently, the censoring of this film has been completed. Censor issued U/A certificate for Dussehra. The movie will be released with a runtime of two hours and twenty nine minutes. The run time is perfect for the movie. Nowadays, no matter how much content a movie has, if it is too long, the audience feels bored. Even if two or three scenes are boring in the whole movie, that effect is likely to fall on the movie. Last year, the same happened with Nani’s Sundarani. No matter how good the movie is, it suffered in terms of runtime. It had a lot of impact on the movie. Now it seems that the makers have worked hard in the case of Dussehra to avoid the same mistake.

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