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Movie Review: Dussehra

Image: Dussehra Cast: Nani, Keerthy Suresh, Dixit Shetty, Samudrakhani, Shine Tom Chacko, Sai Kumar, Jhansi, Poorna, Zarina Wahab etc.

Music: Santhosh Narayanan

Cinematography: Satyan Suryan

Producer: Sudhakar Cherukuri

Direction: Srikanth Odela

Dussehra.. is a name heard not only in the Telugu industry but pan India level for a few days. Nani also speaks highly of this. And is there really that much matter in Dussehra..? How is the movie? Will this movie fulfill my Pan Indian hopes? Let’s see them all in the review..


Dharani (Nani), Vennela (Keerthi Suresh) and Suri (Dixit Shetty) are best friends in a small village called Veerlapalli in Telangana. They grow up meeting each other since childhood. Dharani, who loves Venne as a child, sacrifices her love for her friend Suri. As she grows older, Vennela also loves Suri more than life itself. But when everything seems to be going well, the Silk Bar conflict escalates due to village politics. That politics leads to a big change in Dharani’s life. What is that? Why does Vennela have to marry Dharani instead of Suri whom she loves so much..? What happened before that? What is the relationship with the little Nambi (Shine Tom Chacko) in that village? That’s the rest of the story.


The whole story of Dussehra movie takes place in the Telangana region.. In that too, the Godavarikhani region is the setting and the language is also there. Half of those words were not even heard by those who were just hearing them. Director Srikanth Odela went to the roots and made this movie. He believed the story.. It may not be a new story but it is a completely new story for me. That’s why he blindly believed and took a step forward.. Even though the director is new, the producers have budgeted so many crores with faith in the content. Srikanth Odela has proved it to a large extent. The director revealed the entire story in the first 15 minutes. All the scenes after that are engaging. Especially the whole story revolves around the characters of Dharani, Vennela and Suri. Their friendship.. Later, the twist in Suri’s story.. Dharani and Vennela coming together, all this was emotionally resolved. The next level is the same as the interval scene. In recent times, such realistic scenes have not come. The director raised the expectations for the second half with this twist. But he led the second half more emotionally. Although it seems that there were some brakes.. When the pre-climax started, it did not stop until the end card fell. Even though it is a generally known story, he leads it interestingly.


He killed me.. He lived.. It seemed that he was born for the role of Dharani. You will understand why he loved it after watching the movie. Nani got a complete makeover for this character. That will also be a plus for the film. Also Keerthy Suresh also reminded Mahanati. Especially in the first scene after the interval, Keerthy did a wonderful job. Dixit is very good in another key role. People like Samudrakhani and Sai Kumar acted according to the character. The rest are ok.

Technical Team:

Santhosh Narayanan’s music is the life of this movie. Most importantly, Chunky’s Angilesi song got a good response. The editing is a bit weak. The second half is slower than the first half an hour. Cinematography is amazing. Srikanth Odela has been very successful as a director. He showed the story on the screen as he thought. But the industry has found another good director. But he lags behind in dealing with emotions. The producers did not reduce anywhere.. They spent as much as the story required.

Punch Line:

Dussehra.. Raw and Rustic..

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