Dammit read MBBS industry.. NTR strong warning than anyone else…!

There is no need to say anything special about famous Telugu film producer Katragadda Murari who died recently. Sharp thoughts.. He has a good speech and has established a special place in the Telugu film world. But even though he was an introduction to the Telugu industry.. in the later period Annagaru stood up with the blessings of NTR. He wrote this in his autobiography. Murari from Vijayawada.. thought to study MBBS. Even the readers.

However.. even then he focused on writing business and writing movie reviews. In this sequence, he decided to focus on films instead of career and went to Madras. There were many twists and turns. On one occasion in this sequence, Annagaru got acquainted with NTR. He warned Murari first. Why did you leave the medical profession and come here.. You are losing the opportunity to serve the people! They said that.

With this, on one occasion, Murari thought that he should return to Vijayawada. Why is he again? One time he wanted to tell his brother what was in his heart.
At that time.. Annagaru.. his son Balaiyalu.. were in good form. Murari said that he does not want to leave this industry.. NTR decided to encourage him to stay in films.

Will you make a film with Balayya Babu at this time? They asked. Actually, I don’t want the film industry.. Annagaru who wants to go to the village for treatment.. for once.. will you make a film with Balayya? When asked that.. Murari was puffed up. However.. initially this was not possible. He started his career as an assistant director. He wrote that his brother helped him in this process as well.

However, he says that it was his brother’s blessings that led him to produce many films. Murari stated that the introduction of K. Raghavendra Rao in particular turned his career around. He said that this introduction has helped to provide music leading films.

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