Costly Lip Kiss : It is the costliest lip kiss in the history of Indian cinema.. Do you know who that heroine is?

Costly Lip Kiss : Lip kiss has become popular only through movies. Actually it is western culture. But.. after that that culture spread to our country as well. They use lip kiss more in earlier movies. Lip kiss is the first step to the romance of hero and heroine. At that time, star heroes and star heroines used to make faces to give lip kisses. Some people say that they will not give openly. But.. the heroes and heroines who are new to the industry do not make faces at all. Now the trend has changed. Lip kiss is common now in every movie.

35 years later, a movie called Dayavan came out. That movie came in 1988. Vinod Khanna and Madhuri Dixit acted as hero heroines. This movie is directed by Ferozho Khan. Star heroines are also saying OK to lip kiss. Star kids also say it’s okay to lip kiss. Not only them.. married heroines are also giving green signal to romance and lip kiss. But.. not now.. 35 years ago a star heroine gave a lip kiss to a hero. It was also a passionate, passionate kiss.

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Costly Lip Kiss: The star heroine and hero with lips together

Madhuri Dixit was the star heroine at that time. His range is different. Such is his craze. However, it was Madhuri Dixit who gave Vinod Khanna a lip kiss. In fact, he doesn’t want to give Vinod Khanna a lip kiss. But.. Madhuri said ok when he said that he will give her one crore rupees just for a lip kiss. In fact, Amitabh Bachchan is the only actor who earns crores of rupees. A crore of rupees at that time is now more than Rs. 25 crores. Whammo.. so this kiss is the most expensive kiss in the history of Indian cinema.

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