Compensation case against top gun producers

LOS ANGELES: Paramount Pictures has produced a top-notch Maverick film starring Tom Cruise. The film is currently breaking box office records worldwide. However, a lawsuit was filed in court against the film for copyright infringement. Top Gain, released in 1986, is based on a story written by an Israeli author of the day. However, Paramount has been accused of producing the film ‘Top Gain Maverick’ without permission from the author’s heirs. A case has been filed against Paramount alleging that he did not receive rights from the Writer’s Ehide Yone family. However, Paramount said in a statement that the lawsuit would be settled out of court.

It’s been two weeks since the release of Top Gain Maverick. The film has already grossed $ 548 million worldwide, starring Tom Cruise as Navy pilot Pete Maverick. The Paramount company, however, filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Federal Court on Monday. Shosh and Yuvail Jonah stated in their affidavit that Paramount did not obtain rights from them under US copyright law.

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