Comparison with ‘Magadheera’ and ‘Baahubali’ is happy

Kalyan Ram is playing the hero in the movie ‘Bimbisara’. Harikrishna K is under the banner of NTR Arts.
is being built. New director Vashishth is making this movie with a time travel story. Catherine Theresa and Samyukta Menon are the heroines. On the occasion of the film’s release on the 5th of this month, director Vashishth revealed the features of the film in a recent interview.

Time travel is a new theme

I like folk films made by directors like Vithalacharya and Singeetham. Chandamama loves to read stories. Such socio fantasy films should have been made. I have written a time travel story inspired by Balakrishna’s film ‘Aditya 369’. That’s Bimbisara. We are showing how Keechaka, Ravanasura and Bakasura turned to the better side of the monster, Bimbisara. So far we have seen characters from other worlds come to earth in movies like ‘Yamagola’, ‘Yamalila’ and ‘Yamadonga’. Here a king comes from another era to this era. It gives a new experience to the audience.

History is not distorted

Bimbisara thought that this story should be named after a king. That name is all we have taken from history. There is nothing related to that king in the story or in the character. Everything is fiction. I am familiar with Kalyan Ram from ‘Patas’. When he told this story, he didn’t think about the big story or the budget. Make the story good. The set work and computer graphics of Trigartala Empire are impressive. He was convinced in the role of Bimbisara. He acted with his eyes. Kalyan Ram will be remembered for the role of Bimbisara in the future.

They are comparing with those movies

They are asking if our film will be like ‘Magadheera’ and ‘Baahubali’. It is sad to be compared to such great films. But those films have no relation to ‘Bimbisara’ in the background of the story. It might have seemed like that because the hero’s character is seen in two getups in the trailer. In our film, we show how Raju traveled from bad to good. Those movies are socio fantasy but this is a time travel movie.


The story of ‘Bimbisara’ is very broad. All roles have priority. That’s why we thought to make it in two parts. There are thoughts of making it a franchise like superhero stories like ‘Superman’ and ‘Spider-Man’. We will start the sequel of this movie this year itself. Bimbisara, who was not seen in the first part, will be seen in the sequel.

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