Comedian Shiva Rao | The old favorite.. Sammy looks the same wherever you look..!

Comedian Shiva Rao | This is a favorite of the 1930s. This is an incident that happened in the real life of Kasturi Shivarao, the first star comedian on Telugu screen. If you read this scene, you will understand how innocent people were in those days. This is a real event. Swargiya Ravikondalarao has even mentioned this incident in his own Humaratha. Coming to the matter… Before Shivarao entered the movies, he used to sell movie tickets near the tent halls in Mumbai for some years. After that, he got promoted as a projector operator in another theater there.

One day the owner bought a Bengali film to show in that theater. Even if it is a family film, story wise, the heroine turns back and reveals her raika as the scene demands. The publicity posters also used the still of the heroine turning back and revealing Raika. It is said that her back is visible on the poster. All the male insects who saw those posters flocked to the theater. The movie is doing well at the box office. The audience used to look forward to that scene and get disappointed when it came to nothing. If the audience is like this, the owner of the theater is like this. That scene will come in a few moments.

Even from behind the screen, even there, the heroine was seen turning back, and he was deeply disappointed. This is the thread all the days the movie is playing. After a few days, he lost his patience. He went straight to the projector room and had a fight with Shivarao. ‘Seeing me retreating, you are turning the doll as you please. What are the games?.. Dismiss..’ Shivrao scratched his head as if he didn’t understand. But if that owner listens?!.. It is a sin or Shivarao looked the other way. In the course of time, he lit a light on the same silver screen as a star comedian.

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