Chiru Boss Party Song is here… Devisree Pedda Raad, Rambola Dimpeshav Basoo.. (Video)

Megastar Chiranjeevi’s latest mass action entertainer Waltheru Veeraiah. This movie is being directed by Bobby and will be released on Sankranti. There are huge expectations on this movie from the beginning among Tollywood movie people as well as megafans. As both Acharya and Godfather disappointed, everyone hoped that Waltheru would hit a blockbuster with Veeraiya for sure. The recently released title teaser is impressing everyone.

Rockstar Devisree Prasad’s music has been provided by the first song from this movie with the pallavi called Bass Party released today. Nakash Aziz, Rock Star Devisree Prasad, Hari Priya Another feature is that Devisree also gave the lyrics to this song. Analyzing this song which is 3.19 minutes long, it does not seem like Devishri has done it in any way. No matter what anyone thought, this song stopped five or six kilometers beyond the expectations of Chiranjeevi’s fans.

The sound of the pot being played, Pakkan made a tune with the music of Pillanagrovi in ​​Tirunalla as a child. This tune is paramarad and worst. The tune is so poor that at least the dance master doesn’t even think of giving new steps. In addition to this, the pallavi given by Devi in ​​the middle seems to be a potion. Chiru also wore this lungi mass steps once in Muthamestri movie.. before that many times..!

And the song is also written by Mana Karma Devishree.. it has no words.. no matter how many times I listen to it, it is not interesting at all. In the original 3-minute song, Devi also managed to sing the chorus at the end of each word without much difficulty. Very is the party or what is this Basoo is making the heads of fans. Trolling started on social media saying that Devisree was responsible for the failure of this song.

However, in Ala Vaikunthapuram, when Sarkar’s song films came out as a competition, Devisree, who had completely drowned Mahesh’s movie, did not want to put down the rod with such boring music for Valtheru Veeraiah’s movie, which is now coming as prestige in Sankranti Bari.

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