Chiranjeevi : Sathai Gore .. Waltheru Veeraiya Biggest Death Blow Before Release – Chiranjeevi Khel Khatam..!!

Chiranjeevi : Not to mention producer Dil Raj. He became a star producer by producing many super duper hit movies. Dil Raj, who entered the industry without any help and started his career as a distributor, has now risen to the level of ruling the Tollywood industry. But now a news about Dil Raj is going viral on social media. Dil Raj is going to give tough competition to the two star heroes. Chiranjeevi for this Sankranti,

Balakrishna movies are ready for release. As never before, the films of two star heroes were released on the same day, so the importance of this has increased. But Dil Raj decided to release Varasudu to compete with Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna. This has been a war at the box office for the past few months. But recently Dil Raj took a firm decision. Varasudu is planning to release the film in more theatres.

Dil Raj strong decision to Chiranjeevi

Major theaters in Vizag have got Varasudu movie. These are theaters that give major revenue. Chiranjeevi Waltheru Veeraya movie got Jagadamba theatre. If Dil Raju does not decrease, Balakrishna and Chiranjeevi films will not be able to collect much in terms of positive talk collections. Film analysts say that they will have to face a little trouble. Anyway, it is said that the films of three star heroes are releasing this Sankranti.

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