Chiranjeevi: Chiranjeevi threw a chair saying that your body performance is not with me.. Director Bobby!

Chiranjeevi : Megastar Chiranjeevi’s latest movie ‘Waltheru Veeraiya’. It hit the screens on January 13 as a Sankranti gift. A mega fair will be held at the theaters with success talk from the first show. Another Tollywood hero Ravi Teja also acted in this movie. Ravi Teja acted as Chiranjeevi’s younger brother. The film unit recently organized a success meet as the film received super success. In this function, director Bobby told about the incident that made Chiranjeevi angry.

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Earlier I went to the sets when a film was being shot. When it was time for the shot, the manager went to call Chiranjeevi. But at that time Chiranjeevi was having tiffin. When the manager was afraid to call him, when Chiranjeevi came to know about it, he threw a chair and scolded the manager. A shot is more important to me than a tiffin. Don’t do your body performances with me, they said. Then when I saw his anger, I understood one thing.. It doesn’t matter if he is in trouble, he gets angry if the film is in trouble.

He told an incident that happened during the shooting of the film saying that it was with that fear that he made sure that no loss happened in the movie Waltheru Veeraiya. We put a huge set for a fight sequence in the movie itself. But as Fight Master dates, he is moving to another city. It takes 10 days for the master to return. By keeping the set till then, there is a chance that the cost will increase. So I will not tell this matter to Chiranjeevi. He said that the cost should not increase for the producer.. Poonakala acted in the loading song till noon and completed the fight sequence from noon to midnight.

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