Chee Chee..Shame on you..Fans are booing for Seetha Mahalakshmi’s worst act..!?

We know that in recent times, new heroines are exposing themselves in the film industry. Moreover, the heroines like to do hot photoshoots on social media even more than opportunities in the movie, regardless of the film’s flop. This hit heroine came in that list. Not to mention Mrinal Thakur, who acted as the heroine in the movie “Seetharaman”, which was released recently and became a blockbuster hit at the box office. Although I had to introduce this name earlier.. She got a huge fan following in Telugu as Punyama from the movie “Sitaharam”.

Present Mrinal Thakur is fondly called Sita by all. Her character in the movie Antala Seetharam was popular. Still, if anyone sees her, they want to call her Sita. But Mrinal Thakur, who has gained such a good fan following and name, going beyond his limits and doing a photoshoot will disappoint the fans. Recently, her hot photo shoot has gone viral on social media.

Seethamahalakshmi as Ram’s lover in the movie “Sitaramam” shined in a full traditional look while acting cute and playful. The fans were very impressed. It must be said that no other heroine can do the performance of Mrinal Thakur in emotional scenes. But after the release of the movie and such a good success, Mrinal Thakur’s hot exposure by doing such bad photoshoots disappoints her fans. In this order, some netizens are making vulgar comments on her recent photoshoot. “It would be better if you were Sita Mahalakshmi, Mrinal Thakur.. Don’t do such bad photoshoots.. Please, you will lose the offers you get too” they are making vulgar comments. Let’s see how Mrinal Thakur will take his next step..?



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