Chaurya Paatam | The hero who eyed the Grameen Bank.. Funny ‘Chaurya Patham’ teaser

Chaurya Paatam | Tollywood mass maharaja Ravi Teja is directed by director Trinatha Rao who has scored a hit like ‘Dhamaka’. Now he is producing the film ‘Chaurya Patham’ (Chaurya Paatam). Nikhil Gollamari is directing this movie starring young hero Indra Ram. The film is currently being shot at a fast pace and will be released soon. The makers have recently released the teaser of this movie.

If you look at this teaser, it will be known that the story of this movie is the hero’s attempt with his gang to rob a bank in the village. But you have to watch the movie to know whether the hero will attack the bank with his gang or not. And the entire teaser was a full fun entertainer. The dialogues are also very catchy. Dave Jund’s background music is also impressive.

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