Charan, who slipped his tongue at the Oscars.. when someone told him that he was going to be born.. why did he get booked like this..?

This is truly a double whammy for mega fans. Megastar Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan has officially announced that the arrival of Mega’s successor, who has been waiting for ten years, is going to be in a few months. We know that Megakodalu is going to be Upasana’s mother. Megastar Chiranjeevi once shared this with his fans on social media platform. Meanwhile, Upasana also expressed her happiness with many posts that she is happy that she is going to be a mother. Recently there was Srimantam for Mega Kodalu Upasana. These Srimantanki Taluka pics which were celebrated very simply in the presence of friends have also gone viral.

Recently, Upasana’s husband Ram Charan starrer RRR received an Oscar in the original song category. Upasana also reached America along with the RRR team who went to America for the promotions of the film. There was a buzz with Charan. In this order, walking on the Oscars red carpet as a worshiping couple has become a priority. Talking to Hollywood media, Ramcharan shared interesting things.

A few minutes before receiving the RRR Oscar award, Charan-Upasana said, “I am happy to be a part of the RRR team.. RRR movie will definitely get the Oscar. While speaking in this order, Charan also exposed his personal life. Upasana pregnant ..brings joys before the baby comes into our life. I will never forget this moment. He expressed his happiness saying that within six months, huge changes..our baby is bringing us luck..and within a few days our baby will be in our arms. In this order, the fans shouted that these years have been many months for worship. Ramcharan used to give hints to such people. According to Charan’s calculations, the upasana will be delivered in three months, Ramcharan. Will Ram Charan have a baby? Will Babu be born? That interesting discussion will now go viral on social media..!!

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