“Change your ways, boy”.

After social media became available, netizens are trolling star celebrities as much as possible. Whether it is necessary or not, some star celebrities are targeting and trolling to be okay. Unfortunately, Tollywood’s stylish star Bunny fell prey to such people. We know that Allu Arjun spends some time with his family. They share photos and videos related to it on social media and give new excitement to the fans. In this order, he posted a video on the occasion of his daughter’s birthday yesterday and gave her wishes.

But the words spoken by Allu Arjun in this video became controversial. People are trolling him on social media. On the occasion of her daughter Allu Arha’s birthday on Monday, Bunny shared a video.. “There are wasps on the floor under their house.. they are stinging.. Arha is worried and saying very cutely.” The video has gone viral on social media since yesterday. But in that video it is seen that Bunny is angry that his daughter is speaking in Telangana language.

Bunny replies to Arha’s words and says “Telangana Bhasa na”. Because of this, Telangana fans who hold that line are angry with Bunny. ” You want a Telangana girl ..you want the children given by that girl ..you built a house in Telangana ..you are releasing movies in Telangana ..you are earning crores of property. And if your baby speaks Telangana language, it is wrong” they said. Moreover, if you don’t change your way, you will get into trouble.. The whole mistake is in your way of thinking.. Why is Telangana language so short-sighted? Allu Arha’s video has gone viral on social media.

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