Chandrabose: NTR won the Oscar, not Charan… Chandrabose’s viral comments video went viral..!!

Chandrabose: It is known that the Natu Natu song in “RRR” won an Oscar. Thus “RRR” raised the bar of Indian film industry. Telugu cinema has shown its power at the global level. The Natu Natu song was awarded in the original song category. Lyricist Chandra Bose and music director Keeravani received the award on the Oscar stage. However, before receiving this award, Chandra Bose, who wrote the song, gave an interview to a web media channel and made sensational comments. There are many languages ​​in India. Among them, Oscar is the song that I have written at the global level in Telugu language

Lyricist Chandrabose Comments on NTR and Ram charan about RRR Movie Winning Oscar

I feel fortunate to be nominated for this prestigious award. Krishi Rajamouli.. the heroes who danced may still be the choreographer but… the main reason why the song went to Oscar is mine. I am not proud of this, I am lucky. It took 7 months over a year to write this song. Natu Natu song was written in total 19 months. This song was written with a strong determination to make Keeravani appreciate it so that Rajamouli would like it. But not for Rajamouli, not for Keerav..

Chandrabose gets appreciated by the SCL, Society of Composers and Lyricists - Telangana Today

I never dreamed that not only our state, but the neighboring state.. not the neighboring country.. it would go to other continents.. and win the victory. I liked the lyrics of red sorghum bread mixed with chilli skin. It is a word that describes our food culture as well as agricultural culture, economic status, body composition, rural background. But when the anchor asked the question that NTR was also nominated, NTR Charan was not nominated. Chandra Bose clarified that only Natu Natu song in “RRR” was nominated for Oscar.

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