Chandrabose: Chandrabose shed tears of emotion for the song he wrote.. What is that song..?

Oscar India, which is an unattractive grape, has been conquered. It is a matter of pride for all of us to get an Academy Award for Natu Telugu song. The Natu Natu song in Rajamouli’s magnum opus RRR won the hearts of the Academy. That song brought Oscar to India. This song is written by famous lyricist Chandra Bose. He is an Animuthyam born from Telugu soil. A rare and rich asset for Telugu literature. Yes Chandra Bose wrote many great songs. He wrote not only mass songs like Ila Natu and item songs like Oo Antava…thought-provoking songs and life-changing songs. Heart-melting songs and tear-jerking songs were also penned by him. After Veturi and Sirivennela, Chandra Bose is the writer who can write such sentimental and emotional songs. Chandra Bose wrote thousands of songs.. did he ever shed tears for the song he wrote..? That means yes.. they put it.

That song is a song from Rangasthalam movie Orayyo.. Na Aiya. Another feature is that he sings it himself. He wrote this song in Dubai. Music director Devi Sri Prasad recorded his voice there as a reminder. Then he came to India. After coming home, Chandra Bose asked Mrs. Suchitra if she had written anything in Dubai. Then he sang a song with emotion.. Chandra Bose. She was cooking at that time. After singing 2 pallavs, Suchitra was seen crying when she looked at her. At that time, sadness also started from his heart.. he shed tears. That’s when he believed that this song is going to move everyone. That’s what happened. The song in the movie made many people cry.

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