Chandra Bose is proud

The Natu Natu song from the movie ‘RRR’ won the Oscar award to make the country’s film industry proud. Lyricist Chandra Bose received this award on stage along with music director Keeravani. Among those who were happy to see this occasion, his family members were ahead of all. Chandra Bose’s wife Suchitra expressed that joy in a recent interview.

As Chandra Bose’s wife, how do you feel about Oscar coming?

I am still in shock that Chandra Bose got the Oscar. We saw him as one for so many days. How to see him now? I don’t understand what manners should be given. The days of getting married are coming to mind.. The journey from then to Oscar has been a great experience.

How is your happiness in those sweet defenses when the Oscar announcement came?

Didn’t sleep the whole night before. What time will it start? How will it be announced? didn’t come What if it doesn’t come? There was little fear. If not, how happy Chandra Bose is when he comes, other people feel the same. I was very tense until the announcement of the Oscars.

Chandra Bose has received many awards for his talent. How special do you think the Oscars are?

It’s all been a great journey. Enjoying this journey. We have seen a lot of ups and downs in the new generation. We have come this far after facing many emotional situations. Looking back at all this, we thank God. Chandra Bose strongly believed in the Telugu language. The teachers who taught him must be proud. If Chandra Bose’s mother was still alive, she would have been happy. Our happiness would have been complete if she had seen her child win an Oscar.

What kind of songs do you want Chandra Bose to write with the respect and responsibility that Oscar brings?

Awards are like fragrant flowers. Enjoy them till then. Then we have to do our work. Actually Chandra Bose’s personality is like that. He treats all awards equally. But if the whole world is happy, even Chandra Bose thinks it is great. He goes on doing the work in front of him diligently. He was overjoyed only when his first film Taj Mahal became a success and brought him fame. After that everything looked normal. Oscar is just another step in his life. Movie lovers don’t want the flow of these awards to stop. Yes, Oscar is just one step in our life. Many more awards to come. If we are happy writing Chandra Bose songs for the rest of our life, that is the biggest reward of our life.

How much is your contribution in writing Chandra Bose’s songs?

He is a literary mine. I don’t give him any advice in song writing. I was not with Chandra Bose when he was writing songs for the film Taj Mahal. That’s the same with songs. Tell us about your married life journey We fell in love and got married. Till then Sai Baba was the only God in my life. After marriage, Chandra Bose became another god. Now I have two gods in my life. He is proud of his achievements.

As a choreographer, what would you say about Natu Natu song dances?

The Natu Natu song was choreographed by Prem Rakshit Master. Ram Charan and NTR performed equally well. The cameraman who picturized this song, the thoughtful director in my view this song should be given a dozen Oscar awards.

What is your reaction to Telugu film getting an Oscar?

Very happy and proud. Every time I spoke in English they scolded me to speak in Telugu. But I always spoke in English. But he is writing Telugu songs, speaking in Telugu and going to the Oscars is a great thing. Respect for him and Telugu has increased.

What kind of effort was observed in Chandra Bose to write Natu Natu song?

Chandra Bose writes songs for many directors. He writes any song with full effort. Natu Natu song was also thought very creatively. It is said that no matter what we strive for, we should be lucky. That’s how time came together for this song. Oscar won.

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