Casting couch is a pain even for Athiloka Sundari Sridevi… Who.. Where…!

The great actress Sridevi, who became known as India’s No. 1 heroine, shook the country in the 1990s. Even if she doesn’t get any awards… the awards given by people… the rewards are more. However.. some of the Telugu heroines like Jayaprada and Jayasudha.. even if they went to Bollywood.. they could not recover in Sridevi’s range.

Especially Jayasudha.. immediately came back to Chennai. The reason for this is that he did not like the atmosphere of Bollywood. Jayasudha used to say that there is a lot of casting couch. But Jayasudha could not bear the pain of the casting couch and came back to Tollywood. But Sridevi was not spared these pains. At that time, Bollywood directors and producers tortured Sridevi like this.

But actress Sridevi faced these effectively. She only believed in talent. People wanted her, so they didn’t hesitate to use her in front of her. But, it must be said that opportunities in Bollywood did not come easily to her. If you look at films like Padha Vayasu… Sridevi looks different.

Her nose and chubby body became her hindrance in Bollywood. Due to this, the producers did not take it into the movies earlier. In this background, on the advice of Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor, Sridevi’s husband, she underwent an operation on her nose. Sridevi said in an interview that she underwent a total of 21 operations to change her nose into a kotera. After that. He also explained that he got chances in Bollywood.

She explained that huge expenses were incurred for these operations. After that, he had to do many experiments to get fit. He told me that he likes mudapapu..i.e. cardamom..but he had to give them up. It is noteworthy that Sridevi also said that she had to compensate for all this in her career. So.. Ila.. It is said that Sridevi has become the No. 1 heroine in Bollywood.

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