Casting couch for Srimukhi..does that old man fall in? This is a twist..!!

Casting Couch It is generally assumed that such a thing happens in the film industry itself. A lot of heroines have said that they will get opportunities as heroines only if they make the respective hero or director producers happy for opportunities in the film. The purpose of revealing names including names is lost. Because they belong to a big family and are big stars, they took such news lightly in the industry.

But it is known that there is a casting couch not only on the silver screen but also on the big screen. Moreover, the news goes viral that anchor Srimukhi is among those who faced the casting couch on television. It is not necessary to say what kind of name anchor Srimukhi has on the screen. People call her as O a sound a hot beauty.

Such Srimukhi also faces the casting couch in the industry. The news of Sreemukhi’s career has gone viral in the industry that a star director in the industry has approached her in the name of opportunities and forced her to fulfill his wish. Made hot rolls. However, Wendy could not succeed on the silver screen. With this, the star went into the anchor list while concentrating on the screen. However, even people like Sreemukhi faced the casting couch, which proved once again that there is a casting coach in the film industry.

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