Caraf KR Vijaya for acting as a mother.. Are you so demanding…!

Six feet is huge. The figure is pleasing to the eye. Punnami Vennela is an actress like Charadesi Netra.. Pale lips.. Verasi.. She looks like she has lost all her beauty. Yes.. KR Vijaya. If you know that she is a Tamilian who acted as a heroine in many films, you will be surprised. Because..her Telugu eloquence..dialogue delivery is also in the same range.

Also, even if they act in Tamil.. Tamil is their mother tongue.. they would get immersed in it. Like this.. KR Vijaya, who ruled the Telugu and Tamil cinema fields.. Although he acted in many films.. he felt that he was the only one in the role of a goddess. Kanaka acted as Durga, Shakti, Kali, Chamundeswari and Parvati in many films. The picture here is that she didn’t even need anyone to put makeup on her.

He used to apply make-up to his characters. If only the production manager brings the clothes.. that’s enough. If a makeup kit is provided.. that’s enough. She acted as Nabhu’s sister in many films. However.. KR Vijaya, who has shown the conflict between social roles and deity roles. If KR Vijaya dressed as Kanakadurga.. Now, women used to queue for that movie. Because of this, there are cases where those movies were played for hundreds of days.

And, in this order, KR Vijaya used to get remuneration in lakhs for playing those roles. The same thing was quoted by the then director Kodi Ramakrishna. They said that half of the film can be made with the remuneration given to Vijaya.. But she is taking it.. She is told that her image and following are like that. This.. thing..!

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