Captain’s fight with the strange creature

Kollywood hero Arya’s new movie ‘Captain’. This film is produced by Think Studios. Directed by Shakti Soundarajan. Aishwarya Lakshmi and Simran played other important roles. Shrestha Movies is releasing in Telugu on 8th of this month. In the latest interview, hero Arya revealed the features of the film.

A few months ago, director Shakti Soundar Rajan told me about a story in which a creature is the main character. He is my good friend. Both of us have previously worked on a film called ‘Teddy’. He can handle these types of stories very well. If another director had told this story, I would not have accepted it. But Shakti Sounder Rajan has mastery over graphics and other technical aspects. I made the film with faith in him. Everyone thinks that there will be a ‘Predator’ type story that came out in Hollywood. But the similarity is only up to one creature, but we have made a film that gives a new feeling to everything else.

That is the big challenge..

I am the captain of a military team. We all have to fight a creature we have never seen before. What is that strange creature? Why prepare to attack? How did we deal with it? It is interesting. That strange creature is a key character in the story. How that creature should be, how tall it is, how it behaves, we have designed it through graphics. We have to act accordingly to this assumption. Thinking that there is a creature there, we did the scene accordingly. Imagining a non-existent character and acting seemed like a big challenge. The roles of Simran, Aishwarya Lakshmi and others will be crucial.

I like Telugu movies

Ours is Kerala. The industry that gave me recognition was Tamil. My films like ‘Raja Rani’ also got a good name in Telugu. I want to make a direct Telugu film. A good project should be done. This movie is releasing in Telugu and Tamil. If there is good talk here, we will release it pan India. The impact of OTTs has increased after the pandemic. If you make films that share the theater experience, the audience will definitely appreciate it.

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