Breaking : Kalvakuntla’s poem to Andhra Pradesh – BRS responsibilities..!

Breaking: TRS party has become a BRS party. BRS is not only Telangana.. it should be spread all over the country. The party high command is preparing to expand the BRS party all over the country. First, BRS focused on AP, another Telugu state. BRS party is planning to hold an open meeting in AP and pull the entire AP to its side. It is known that KCR had a meeting in Khammam on 19th of this month. AP BRS leaders have also been invited to participate in this meeting and make the meeting a success. This time the entire Khammam Sabha is being closely watched by MLC Kavitha. Not only the management of the House..

Kavitha will focus on strengthening the BRS party in AP. That is why Kavitha will tour in AP at the end of this month. It is also reported that Kavitha will also be entrusted with the responsibilities of BRS coordinator. It is reported that CM KCR has already discussed with AP BRS leaders. It is known that Thota Chandrasekhar is the president of BRS party in AP. Along with him, Kavitha had a meeting with Ravela Kishore Babu and Parthasarathy. On this occasion, it seems that steps will be taken towards the expansion of the BRS party in AP. It seems that many leaders are getting ready to join the BRS party. Many are retired bureaucrats

kalvakuntla kavitha to take charge in ap to strengthen brs

Breaking: Inclusions in AP, steps towards expansion

BRS party is taking steps towards the expansion of the party in AP as it is known that they are ready to join the BRS party. KCR is currently focusing on Khammam Sabha. After that CM KCR will visit Karnataka and Maharashtra along with AP. Also, after the budget meetings, KCR will tour the entire country and take a step forward for the expansion of the party. MLC Kavitha is likely to tour AP on 29th of this month after the end of Khammam Sabha. Also.. CM KCR will also visit AP next month. Some leaders will join BRS party during KCR’s visit.

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