Box office fight between Balayya Chiru 31 times… Who won this big battle…!

Megastar Chiranjeevi and actor Nandamuri Balakrishna are among the star heroes of Tollywood. Both have gained fans in a range with their acting. Balayya who entered as NTR’s younger brother kept his name. And Chiru made an entry without any background and earned a special image for himself. If the films of these two heroes were released simultaneously in their four decades of film career, it would have been like a big battle at the box office.


There was a box office fight between Chiru and Balayya many times. So far 31 times box office fight has taken place between these two. But who and when in that fight? Now let’s know who won. The first time there was a clash between Balayya and Chiru in 1984. In that year, the movie Challenge starring Chiranjeevi was released. Balayya came with the movie Janani Janmabhoomi. Chiru became the winner in the first competition. After coming to the audience for the second time with the movie Chiru Intiguttu, Balayya entered the arena with the movie Mangammagari Manavadu. Balayya won as Mangammagari’s grandson became a blockbuster.

In the same year he came with the movie Chiru Agnigundam. VeeraBrahmendraswamy’s film starring Balayya – NTR has come out. This time too, Balayya’s movie became a super hit. For the fifth time, Balayya Atmabalam, the same day Chiru starred in the movie ‘Chattam’ was released. Both these movies got average talk. In the same year, both of them competed again. While Chiranjeevi came with the movie Donga, Balayya came with the film Husband and Husband Bandham. Both these films were successful.

For the seventh time, Chiru Chiranjeevi’s movie, Balayya Bhalethammudu came before the audience. Both the films flopped in this competition. After that, Balayya came before the audience with the movie Katthula Kondaiya and Chiranjeevi hit a super hit with the winning movie. After that, Chiranjeevi came with Kondaveeti Raja and Balayya with Nippulanti Manishi. Balayya won Chiru this year too. For the 10th time, Balayya Muddlakrishnayya and Chiranjeevi came with Magadhirudu. In this competition, Balayya Muddla Krishnayya became a blockbuster.

After that, Balayya Raga came with the movie Desoddharakudu and the movie Chantabboy. Balayya won this year. The year after that, Balayya came with the films Apoorva Sahodarulu and Chiranjeevi Rakshasudu. Both these movies became super hits. After that, Chiranjeevi entered the ring with the movie Dongamogudu… Balayya Bhargavaramudu. In this clash, Balayya won against Bhargavaram. Both these films also achieved good success. In the same year, Balayya came to the audience with the movie Chiru Chakravarthy and entered the ring with Muvvagopaludu. Muvvagopaludu became a super hit as Chakraborty received average talk.

After that he came before the audience with the movie Chiru Pasivadi Pranam. Pasivadi Pranam created records when she came before the audience with the movie Balayya Ramu. For the sixteenth time in 1988, Chiru Manchidonga, Balayya came with Inspector Pratap. Among them, Manchidonga became a super hit. After that, Chiru Yamudi came to the audience with the film Mogudu and Balayya Thiragabadda came to the audience with a Telugu child. Among these, Mogudu created records for Yama. After that, Balayya entered the ring with Chiru Khaidi and came to the audience with the film Balachandradu in India. Among these two movies, Khaidi No. 786 became a blockbuster.

Twenty times when Chiru came before the audience with the battlefield… Balayya Rama came with Bhima. Among these, Balayya’s movie is average. A year after that, Balayya appeared in Chiru State Rowdy with the movie Balayya Muddola Mavayya. Among these, Balayya’s movie broke records. After that, Chiru Rudranetra followed Balayya with Ashokachakravarthy’s films and both the films failed. In the same year, Balayya came with Balagopalu and Chiru came with Lankeswaru. Among these, Balayya Balagopaludu stood as average.

Again in 1990 there was competition between the two. Balayya Narinari came to the audience with the movie Naduma Murari. Chiru Jagadekaveeru came with the movie Athilokasundari. Both of these films were successful. Twenty-sixth time, after a long gap, in 1997, Balayya Chiru got his head. With Hitler’s movie, Chiru Paddannayya’s movie, Balayya’s two came as brothers. Both these films also achieved good success. After that, Chiru Bavagaroo was in the film… Balayya competed with Yuvaratna Rana. Among these, Bavagaru Bagunnaa became a super hit.

After that, Balayya came with Samarasimha Reddy with the movie Chiru Snehamparaka. Both these films were successful. But Samarasimha Reddy is an industry hit. After that Chiru Annayya came with the movie Balayya Vamsoddarakudu. Annayya, who acted in a small role, became a blockbuster. In 2001, the movie Raga Balayya Narasimhanaidu came out with the movie Chiru Mrigaraju. Narasimha Naidu brought record collections. After that, Chiru Anji’s film Raga Balayya entered the ring with Lakshminarasimha. Among them, Balayya Laxminarasimha became a blockbuster. And finally Balayya Chiru competed in 2017. Chiru Khaidi No. 150 was followed by Balayya Gautamiputrasathakarni. Both these films became blockbusters. But for the next Sankranti, these two are competing for the 32nd time with Veera Simha Reddy-Waltheru Veeraiya. Let’s see who will win this time..?

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