Boothu movie with Ashu Reddy.. What will RGV do for me this time..?

Ashu Reddy is a name that people do not want to be introduced to. Ashu Reddy, who gained popularity as a social media celebrity, then entered Bigg Boss and increased her popularity in triple range. More importantly, the way Ammadu talked to the host Nagarjuna ..behavior ..even if they finally kissed, the clips are still going viral on social media. Ashu Reddy, who is trending on social media by saying that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, my work is mine, my strategy is mine, everyone knows that recently he interviewed RGV and in what range it has become a trend in the national media as well.

We all know the words spoken by Ashu Reddy-RGV in that interview.. the way they behaved. A star director like Arjivi tempted Ashu with his behavior. In this sequence, RGV shamelessly left Ashu’s legs. This video is still trending on social media. But recently, another news is trending as a hot topic on social media. Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma is soon going to make a movie Mass Masala Boothu with Ashu Reddy.

Moreover, netizens are also commenting on this. RGV who got me legs just in the interview..Does a movie with Ashu Reddy mean anything else? They are reacting harshly. But so far, RGV has not made any official announcement about the film with Ashu. And to know if this news is true or if the two are hiding this real news, we have to wait for a few more days..?

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