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You have seen many movies about robbers who rob the rich and distribute the looted wealth to the poor. But there was such a good thief in real life too. He is known as Robinhood in Andhra Pradesh. Gogri Nageswara Rao of Stewartupuram was known as Tiger. The story of dacoit Tiger Nageshwar is being brought to the silver screen. Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is acting in the role of Tiger Nageswara Rao.

Tiger Gogri Nageswara Rao is a famous thief in Stuartpuram, Andhra Pradesh. A lot of serious cases were registered against him at that time. Tiger grew up in Stewartupuram, a village of thieves. There is a reason behind this.

How it became a village of thieves

Between 1911 – 1914.. a plan was drawn up to keep together thieves and dacoits who committed various types of crimes in different areas. A place in the Bapatla region is named Stewartupuram. The village was founded in 1913 after Harold Stuart, then a member of the Madras Presidency. The aim of the government is to keep an eye on thieves and robbers by keeping them in one place.

In 1970, Nageswara Rao started committing petty thefts as a child. Gradually he lost his fear of the police. After that, in 15 years, he fearlessly started making big robberies. He used to commit huge robberies in states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Moreover, he used to avoid getting caught by the police. That’s why people started calling him Tiger at that time.

He used to distribute all his loot to the poor. Nageshwar’s brother Prabhakar Rao said in an interview given by BBC.. Both of us lived in Stuartpuram house. He used to distribute his brother’s looted goods and money to the poor. He said that people would strongly support his brother.

As a result.. Nageswara Rao got special recognition. He was famous among thieves. Many times Tiger has come face to face with the police. But he survived. He finally died in a police encounter on March 24, 1980. After the death of thief Nageswara Rao, people expressed their anger against the police. Concerned.

Bank robbery in front of police station

Prabhakar said that in 1974, a tiger had stolen from a bank built opposite the police station in Banaganapalli, Nandyala district. This incident which took place in the middle of the night created a stir in the country. The news of this bank robbery made headlines across the country. It was heard that there was a robbery of 35 lakh rupees in the bank.

Prabhakar said.. There are 10 members in our gang. As there is a bank opposite the police station, we took a lot of precautions. They broke the back door of the bank and took the money to the graveyard and committed the robbery. We have 14 kg of gold and Rs.50 thousand in cash. The police surrounded the village before the partition took place. Nageshwar Rao escaped this police attack, but I surrendered.

Efforts were made to bring Nageshwar into the mainstream of life. But his elder brother again stepped into the world of crime and died in police firing.

Attacked the jail officials and escaped

Prabhakar said that both of us were arrested in Tamil Nadu in 1976 but kept in different jails. In a hearing.. Tiger said he could not stay in jail anymore. After some time he attacked the jail officials and escaped. When the police informed me about this, the police officials said that your brother is really a tiger.

How much does Stewartpuram appear in movies?

Many movies have been made on Stewartupuram which is known as the village of thieves. Now the movie ‘Tiger Nageswara Rao’ is being made in Telugu. Vamsikrishna is directing this movie. The shooting is going on. Prabhakar said that the film unit had asked for information about his brother, but he did not want to misrepresent history.

Now good people live in Stewartpuram village. Pursuing higher education. At present most of the people in the village are living outside. People are forgetting the old image of Stuartpuram.

Most of the people in that village do not want a film to be made on their village. It is said that a film like this will bring a bad name to the village. They feel that this will affect them and the previous generations. But he said that it is difficult to say what will be shown in the movie

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