Bimbisara Movie Review | Kalyan Ram ‘Bimbisara’ Movie Review

Bimbisara is a movie that has attracted interest with its trailer in recent times. New director Vashishtha has made this film with Kalyan Ram as the hero. Let’s see in the review to what extent this movie, which shows the story of time travel in a folk style, has pleased in the theater.

The story is:

In the year 500 AD, Bimbisara (Kalyan Ram) rules the empire of Trigartala. He expands his kingdom by conquering neighboring kingdoms with heroism. He imprisons Ira (Katherine Tresa), the princess of the Asmika Kingdom, in Anta:puram. The brother expels Deva Dutt (Kalyan Ram) from the kingdom. People could not bear Bimbisara’s cruelty. A baby dies in Bimbisara’s attack on Dhanvantharipuram for providing medical aid to the enemy. In the present time, the doctor Subramanya Sharma (Vivaan Bhatena) tries to get hold of Bimbisara’s treasure, Dhanvantari Granth, with the help of magician Ketu (Ravi Shankar). While Bimbisara was fighting with Devadattu, he fell into an illusionary mirror and came to this world. What difficulties did Bimbisara face during his unfamiliarity? What kind of change did these hardships bring about in his character? The rest of the story is how he saved the baby from Dr. Subrahmanya Sharma in the present day for his mistake in the case of the baby in Dhanvantharipuram at that time.

Flux Points:

Kalyan Ram’s performance
Impressive emotions
Directing talent
The way time travel is tied
Keeravani background music

Minus Points:

Opening scenes
The songs

How about:

No matter the genre of the movie, no matter how big the budget is, emotions are important to the story. Both superhero movies and science fiction movies in Hollywood believe in these emotions. Bimbisara is a film based on time travel but it is a journey on emotions. The way a baby sentiment is tied between two periods is pleasing. Director Vashishtha has portrayed the role of Bimbisara without diminishing the heroism in each case. Supernatural powers, sorcerers and divine power are tied together and bloodied in a folk manner. At the beginning of the movie, the audience was troubled by Bimbisaru’s brutality, but the change in the character in the second half and the way of correcting the mistakes saved the hero’s relevance. Kalyan Ram’s dual role in the roles of Bimbisara and Devadattu is pleasing. Kalyan Ram’s long awaited success can be seen with this film.

The way Bimbisara gets confused by the modernity and trends here after coming to the present is entertaining. From here the seriousness of the story decreases and becomes fun. The talent of director Vashishta was seen with the script written for each character and context. As he said before, this is a film that does magic without logic. Both the heroines Samyukta Menon and Catherine Tresa have roles to name but no scope for performances. Worked up to the songs. Srinivasa Reddy in the role of Zubeda made me laugh. Vivaan Bhatena is impressive as the villain.

Keeravani’s background music brought life to many scenes in the film. Even simple scenes are impressive because of the background score. It has been proved once again that Keeravani can do justice to this type of movies. Iswaru is the only good song composed by Chirantan Bhatt. Editing and cinematography are good.

Finally…Bimbisara won the box office

Actors – Kalyan Ram, Catherine Tresa, Samyukta Menon, Prakash Raj, Vivan Batena, Srinivasa Reddy etc.

Technical experts – Cinematography – Chhota K Naidu, Editing – Tammiraju, Background Music – MM Keeravani, Music – Chirantan Bhatt, Production – NTR Arts, Producer – K Harikrishna, Writing Direction – Vasishtha

Rating: 3.25/5


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