Bimbisara: Heroism of Bimbisara in theatres.. ‘Bimbisara’ Twitter review..

Name given to Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s experiments. Kalyan Ram is making progress by choosing different stories and making films. The latest historical movie starring this Nandamuri hero is Bimbisara. Vashishta, a new director, has directed this movie. The movie has been buzzing since the beginning. Kalyan Ram will be seen as Bimbisara in this movie. Every poster, glimpses, teaser, trailer, songs that have been released from this movie have impressed the audience tremendously. With that, the audience became interested in this movie. And Kalyan Ram is also very slow about this movie. With that, Nandamuri fans were fixed that Bimbisara would definitely be a hit.

Bimbisara movie will be released today. This movie will be released worldwide. Meanwhile, the audience who watched the premiere of this movie are sharing their views on Twitter. They are tweeting that the movie is a blockbuster hit. Some say that Kalyan is impressed by his actor Vishwaroopa. Bhimla Naik’s beauty Samyukta Menon and Catherine acted as heroines in this movie.

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