BiggBoss 6 Day 29: This week’s nominations are these.. Bigg Boss who separated husband and wife

BiggBoss 6 Day 29 : The fourth week of BiggBoss season-6 has ended with an elimination. The nominations for the fifth week were also completed on the first day. This time the nominations process was a little different and it led to huge fights between the contestants. This time in the nominations, the contestants were divided into two and it was left up to the contestants to nominate one of them. They quarreled saying that they should not be nominated by anyone.

But the couple who played together for so many days, Rohit and Marina got separated for the first time. Everyone was surprised by Bigg Boss’s decision to nominate only one of the two. Rohit and Marina, who have played as a pair for years, now whose game they have to play. With this, Marina sacrificed herself for Rohit and got herself nominated.

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Making Inaya and Srihan a couple doesn’t work for both of them and they have a big fight. In the end Inaya got nominated saying it was a waste to fight with you. And in Arjun- Satya, when Satya spoke a bit strongly with Arjun, Arjun made a self-nomination. The fight between Revanth and Adireddy was fierce. As Revanth did not decrease much, Adireddy came in the nominations. In this way, one of the contestants got nominated by himself due to a quarrel between the two.

In total, Inaya, Chanti, Arjun, Adireddy, Marina, Faima, Baladitya and Vasanti are in the nominations this week. And to see who among them will be eliminated this week, we have to wait till the weekend.

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