Bigg Boss Telugu OTT: Will there be an OTT season this time..? Host Nag R Balayya..? Here is the clarity

It is known that Bigg Boss season 6.. has seriously disappointed the viewers. Everything was a fake affair. All the contestants have recorded their interviews before entering the house and have prepared a plan to release them after entering the house. Inside the Bigg Boss house, everything was fake. Not even one contestant showed his real character. Any loops, meaning but logics, fake emotions.. the whole season went like this. And Galata Geetu tried to teach the game to Bigg Boss… and failed. Eliminations, nominations… everything was a serial drama. The drama in the finale was laughable though. All Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Utter Plaff.

It is known that last year Bigg Boss non-stop also ran an OTT show. Bindu Madhavi became the winner and Akhil Sardhak became the runner-up. Many people have doubts about whether there will be a season 2 of Bigg Boss Non Stop. The news first came that this time Star Maa has no such idea. A key update regarding this will be circulated soon. After starting the Non Stop 2 show in April, it seems that this show is going to be streamed till June. The exercise for this has already started. After the completion of OTT.. Season 7 is likely to start in the month of September.

Another interesting news is..? Season 7 is also hosted by Nagarjuna. After season 6 did not give the expected result, there were reports that Nagarjuna is withdrawing from hosting. It was advertised that Natasinham Balayya is entering the arena as a host in King Place. But it all works out. Because.. the latest news is that Nagarjuna has finalized the agreement to host till the tenth season. An official announcement on these matters is yet to come.

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