Bigg Boss house is cut off..Revanth’s mouth is green word..Havava..chee chee..!!

Hmmm.. Finally, the host Nagarjuna successfully achieved what he wanted. In the weekend episode that came the other day, there is no fire in the contestant.. there is no rind.. are you sitting to eat .. have you come in the house to play games .. have you come to eat.. Nana created a commotion. The contestants seemed to take those words very seriously. That’s why they are giving an Oscar performance in the house.

Recently, a big war took place between the contestants in the Bigg Boss house as part of the task called “Uta in the jungle”. In a recent task, the contestants in the house are playing excitedly in a range. Arohi was injured while playing a game in the forest in the house of this order.

She was immediately taken to the house. It was in this sequence that Inaya said it was a sympathy game. With this, Satya Sri, who entered the mater, said that she was really injured. Even then, without being able to control it, she pointed towards Srihan and said, “Lagindi wadega”. ..”Sreehan said seriously. Revant pushed in the middle, “he said the same to me..then he used a dirty word saying that he should be pulled and cut”. With this, the house was full of chaos. With this, as Nagarjuna said, the house started to be full of quarrels.

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